The hook is usually the most recognizable, sing-able and most remembered part of the song. For example, "I'm gonna pop some tags...", "Let's smoke a little bit, and drink a little bit...", "Sweet Caroline! (Bum, Bum, Bum!!)".  Some hooks take minutes to come up with, some take hours, days or even weeks.  The key is knowing what you want a song to say.  


I start at $200/hr including travel and setup time if you have a hook already written.  If I write it, it's $300/hr + a percentage of publishing (negotiable).

$150 per part.  So, an 8 bar hook, doubled, would be about $300.  Additional harmonies are $150 per track. Edits are free until the customer is satisfied.  Vocal tracks will be transferred ONLY after track sheet and payment has been completed and received.


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